New tablet interface for Wired

A few months ago I posted and circulated some work out of Sweden (Bonnier) and the UK (BERG) that was presented as a prototype for the next generation of magazines. 

Then everyone went tablet crazy at CES, the iPad launched and now Wired has released their new format. 

What is not surprising is that it is picking up a lot of the same design metaphores.  It isn't surprising because they make sense. 

My question is why is this limited to tablet devices?  We can replicate this on the web and it would be a big step forward for magazine content.  Especially when you consdier multi-touch track pads replacing mice as the primary pointing device.

Interfaces: Farther forward future thinking — Spatial Computing

Love what gets forwarded around a good digital team.  This one goes to Ume for forwarding around an interesting YouTube link. 

This actually is a related video — a well presented and well thougt-out approach to spatial computing.  What is also really interesting is the quick intro into why our computers are the way they are:

–Command Line – the earliest interface relying on text commands – type in and it responds (1:20)
–Paper Paradigm – Current windows / mac desktop approaches where the computer manages 2D spaces (1:40)
–Spatial Computing – Current thinking about allowing computers to work in 3D space (2:45)