Stat Attack – Conversion on Selected Advertising

Innovative media always tends to have higher click-through rates when it first launches.  E-Mail and banners dropped from 2% to .02% response rates.  Remember when a fax guaranteed being placed on a business person’s desk?  Maybe not, but regardless it isn’t surprising, people are curious creatures. 

But there might be a bigger story here — basically one of how good targeting, good media choice and giving people the choice to watch make a big difference.  The case study below is for Porsche on Xbox360.  The panel with the click here is “interruptive” but the full ad is chosen. Another is Honda’s eco-charity campaign for the Honda Insight delivered on mobile.  Again, a small banner leading to a large ad.  It saw a click-through rate on mobile of 27%.

Kinect, the Xbox 360 controller-free add on, hits U.S. stores Nov. 4, followed by the United Kingdom the following week. Advertisers are attracted to the 24 million Xbox 360 members worldwide.  On average, Microsoft sees between 3% and 9% click-through rates (CTRs) on campaigns, Alexander says. “We recently did a campaign with Porsche where they chose to launch the Panamera, and they saw a 6% click-through rate on their campaign. According to their own internal metrics, about 20% of those who explored the experience on Xbox Live went into a dealership.” MediaPostNews 28 September 2010