Power of Good Production Values

Just watched an interesting presentation on augmented reality which must be the next big thing that we will all get to have lots of fun with in the next few years.  For those of you who don't know it, the poster child is the GE work recently launched.

GE Augmented Reality – Plug In To The Smart Grid Just as Microsoft Surface was the pre-launch of gesture computing the iphone made real, the first baby steps of Cop Space are becoming a reality. In the presentation, the guys from Inition showed an example of a car on a road where the reflection of the dotted lines were reflected on the car itself and speeded up and slowed down with the car, based on the users movement of the paper.  Nice stuff. Made me think of a scifi classic, of course.  In SnowCrash by Neal Stephenson the protagonist, Hiro, visits a very powerful man in the book's virtual reality called the Metaverse.  He is ushered into the office and to Mr. Ng's pleasure, Hiro recognises the statement he is making much like a wealthy collector would hope a visitor notices a Miro casually hanging in the corner.

"You working with Fisheye?" Ng says, lighting up a cigarette. The smoke swirls in the air ostentatiously. It takes as much computing power realistically to model the smoke coming out of Ng's mouth as it does to model the weather system of the entire planet.

Don't forget the impact of great production values.  People recognise and respect quality.  It makes an impression.