Kit Kat Social – The biggest real-time marketing hit for us yet

Hard to believe it was over 2 years ago that we pitched the KITKAT Global Social work and everything that has followed.
From “Break from Gravity” to “Android KitKat” to this piece here.  Really shows what having the right team and the right approach can do with the growth of social networks.

Two days after KitKat jumped into chatter around Apple’s #bendgate on Twitter with a cleverly-composed tweet, the candy brand’s post has now eclipsed Oreo’s real-time marketing reign.

Toward the end of the day Wednesday, chatter on Twitter started picking up around the news that Apple’s iPhone 6 was bending in people’s pockets, with the #bendgate hashtag.

According to sources, KitKat then decided that it needed to get in on #bendgate because of the alignment with its “Have a break, have a KitKat” slogan. Within 30 minutes, sources said, the brand whipped up an image of a candy bar snapped into a 45-degree angle with a piece of pithy copy and sent out the tweet. 

dotJWT Called Out in WPP Annual Report

Doing projects that are somewhat internal facing is always difficult in an agency.  So much focus is on clients and the work we do for them — as it should be — that initiatives that can have significant impact on how an agency operates and how it delivers for its clients don’t get as much attention.

It goes without saying that as digital revenues continue to grow and pure play digital agencies get more of this work, larger established agencies are sharpening up their strategies on how they respond.

At JWT we call this dotJWT.  A brand to highlight all of our digital talent and focus on how our specialist subsidiaries in Search or Platform Development work with our integrated teams.

The premise is simple:

  • Digital work increases the number of specialists to deliver an integrated campaign
  • Clients do not want the headache that comes from managing all of these teams or to do the creative integration
  • Specialist teams do not flourish when integrated into the general agency structure
  • The agency needs a structure the encourages collaboration with specialist companies and teams

Having been about 6 months now focused on this, including rebranding the idea (with DigitLondon), a global roadshow and a couple initiatives to get people working together, it is great to see it called out in a more public forum beyond what we have on

An image of the JWT page and the link to the full pdf is below.

dotJWT in WPP Annual Report 2011

Product Extension – Muppet Band-aid AR App

With digital technology there are lots of times when an idea is strong enough that it can be a real product extension, not just a piece of marketing. 

At JWT New York, the team has worked with Band-aid for years, and has a team that is focused on mobile technololgy.  Put the two together — and a few calls to Disney — and you get a new way to build on an existing partnership.

Now the question is can we take this to be an “enterprise solution” with all of the extensions in advertising, retail and the full digital eco-system?



Band-Aids and Muppets Aim to Soothe Child’s Scrapes



SOME leading brands of wound treatments were themselves bloodied by the economic slump, as consumers switched to cheaper store brands.

The Band-Aid Magic Vision app makes Kermit appear to emerge from a Muppets Band-Aid to serenade and console an injured child.

Store brands accounted for 39.4 percent share of the domestic market in adhesive bandages, gauze and first-aid tape in the 52 weeks that ended April 15, a gain of 2.2 percent from the year before, according to the SymphonyIRI Group, a market research firm.

Over the same period, the market share of Johnson & Johnson, with its Band-Aid brand adhesive strips and Johnson & Johnson brand gauze and tape, slipped 2.2 points, to 45 percent. (Band-Aid has about a 33 percent share, and the J.& J. brand has the remaining 12 percent.)

Because adhesive bandages are more popular in households with accident-prone children, Band-Aid has long licensed such characters as Barbie and Spider-Man to appeal to youngsters. Now the brand is introducing a marketing effort tied to Muppets characters and centered on that most charged of moments: when children have just skinned knees or elbows.

Band-Aid Magic Vision, a free app for iPhones and iPads, is linked to Muppets Band-Aids that already are widely available.

– More at –

Healthcare Marketing: Xerelto Launch

Coming back to the US one of the biggest advertising things you notice is healthcare advertising — whether it is on TV, in print or online.

At JWT we have a big Healthcare practice and have just launched a first release set of websites for a new pharmaceutical for our Johnson & Johnson client.   It has been amazing seeing the work it takes to get basic product information online in this sector — managing regulatory and legal definitely add a level of complexity to the usual job!

At anyrate congratulations to the team — great to see the initial communications coming out after having worked on the pitch and strategy. 

Connect by Hertz – Who Says Agencies can’t Code?

In 2008 we did a classic 3 month push to launch Connect by Hertz, a new car club from Hertz.  Like most entrepreneurial ventures it was fast and chaoitc but fun.  We did the branding, site design, user experience and front-end application build.

In August we launched a major revision to the application.

In this release there is advanced filtering of car locations, the ability to book cars across different geographic services and fully editable account information.

Aside from the UX design, iris also has done all of the MS .Net application that talks to the Hertz car club provider, Eileo, via an API.  Great stuff.

Brave Client Award – Kinder Chocolate

There are times when you really have to be impressed with the power of social media.

Take a simple idea — like a competition based on voting to allow a chocolate bar company choose a set of pictures for its next years packaging — and what do you get? A absolute frenzy.

It was all very simple — 1 vote per child per day.  And the top voted child ended up with over 20,000 votes.

Celebrity and Competition:  An amazing recipe for getting engagement.

Nonetheless we did hope for a bit of activity and we got it.  Over 4700 entries.  Nearly 8 million pageviews with visitors from hundreds of countries.  Facebook groups.  Recruiting votes from local football club forums.  Blogs about an entry with downs syndrome that galvanized support groups.

We also got mothers complaining it was rigged and other parents were cheating.  People saying on forums the kids in the lead were “FUgly.”  An audit by the ASA.

Not that it wasn’t expected.
–We put in Captcha codes on voting and tiered the competition to ensure only panel selected children went to a second round.
–We ensured that selection was based on funny quotes, not just photos or votes.
–We built registration for the final round.
–We called forum owners and had inappropriate posts taken down.
–We cleared the ASA review and helped educate them on social media.

And were nominated for a Revolution Award.

BP TargetNeutral

Everyone remembers their first real pitch at a new agency.  At Ogilvy it was BP’s Target Neutral.  Amazing project, amazing creative and even more amazingly, it launched pretty close to what was proposed!

For this project we did the brand mark, site design, online advertising and e-mails.  Great work from Bo and his team.

Here is the final homepage:

BP TargetNeutral Jul07

And some of the functional banners we built to get people to start their carbon calculation in the banner to increase conversion rate:

Target Neutral Banners

Organic Launches Next Generation of



Release Date: 15 September 2000 offers greater functionality and personalisation to help customers
find their way on-line

London, 15 September 2000 — Organic, Inc. (Nasdaq: OGNC) today announced
its completion of the first stage of a major re-design of BT’s portal which acts as a gateway to information on
all of the services the company offers its consumer and business users.
Organic Inc., a leading international Internet professional services firm, has
worked with BT to revise the existing site and to put in place a framework
for future development. The new site features innovative navigation,
enhanced functionality and greater personalisation to enable BT to
communicate more effectively on-line.

The primary home page has been restructured to make key areas within the
site easily identifiable. Organic has revamped the navigation to include
a pull down menu system and quick links to key BT services, unearthing
hidden areas on the site that have the potential to generate high traffic
including directory enquiries, bill payment and call management. In addition, the site has been updated to highlight BT promotions and encourage greater customer interaction and feedback. Organic has also developed BT’s
implementation of BroadVision, using the platform to introduce new levels
of personalisation to support the company’s service delivery to its different
customer segments.

Organic will also be working alongside BT and its portfolio of other
agencies to migrate over 100 existing sites into this new simpler single
site, using a design system it has created. The system defines not only
look and feel and layout, but also a strategic and technical framework.
Organic will continue to provide guidance to BT internal stakeholders and
their agencies on how to work within the design system.

John Baker, Managing Director of Organic’s London office commented, “We
were faced with an enormous challenge. Firstly, identify and bring forward the
services of real value to users within the existing site, BT’s hidden
gems. Secondly, create a simple framework and design system which BT can use to develop an online dialogue with its wide range of customers.”

Huw Williams, General Manager of BT Electronic Channels said, “People at
home and work want to use for a range of activities which were
previously done either by phone or by post. The site supports our
commitment to deliver consistently good service. The innovative design
and use of BroadVision provides new levels of personalisation that will help
us strengthen our relationship with consumers and respond to their changing needs.”

This is the first phase in an ongoing project to provide BT with a unified
presence on-line, bringing together its existing portfolio of sites.
Organic recently completed work on BT’s flagship SME portal and Business Store,

About Organic:

Organic, Inc. (Nasdaq: OGNC), a leading international Internet
professional services firm which targets the customer-to-business market, is built around a “buyer driven” service model that encompasses both traditional
business-to-business and business-to-consumer engagements. Founded in 1993
and based in San Francisco, Organic (<>) has a
history as an industry innovator, having developed the Apache Web server,
and worked on the design of some of the Internet’s earliest Web sites,
including Yahoo! The company’s C2B Internet professional services include
strategic consulting and research, site design, software engineering and
technical program management, online marketing services including media
buying and management, and customer service and fulfilment consulting and
transaction management. Organic has performed work for over 250 clients,
and has gained significant experience by working with both the Global 1000 and emerging Internet companies. The company’s clients include
DaimlerChrysler, British Telecommunications plc, Tommy Hilfiger, Blockbuster, Washington Mutual, and Federated Department Stores, Inc. Organic has offices in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe and Latin America. In July 2000, the company
was added to the Russell 2000* Index.

ORGANIC and leaf design, and C2B are service marks or registered service
marks of Organic, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in
other countries. Other trademarks and service marks referenced are marks of
their respective owners.


British Telecommunications plc is one of the world’s leading providers of
telecommunications services. Its principal activities include local, long
distance and international telecommunications services, mobile
communications, Internet services and IT solutions. BT has operations in
more than 30 countries worldwide, with ventures in the Republic of
Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands,
Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Latin America and
India. BT and AT&T have also created Concert, the leading global
telecommunications company serving multi-national business customers,
international carriers and Internet service providers worldwide.

For further information

Please contact

Bernie McAndrew/Christian May

Organic Press Office

Gnash Communications

Tel : 0207 243 4443

Source: Sourcewire