Did Mobile Video Kill the TV Star? MWC 2014 Panel

Had the opportunity to speak at the Mobile Media Summit at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.  It was a fun panel with some good questions from the audience.  I wrote up a more glib review of it for JWT on our blog, below.

Did Mobile Video Kill the TV Star?

March 3, 2014 • by 


John Baker has worked in interactive marketing for almost 20 years. He is now the President of dotJWT, a global program dedicated to driving digital growth for companies acquired under the JWT umbrella.

Earlier this week I was asked to speak on a Mobile Media Summit panel at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The subject was Did Mobile Video Kill the TV Star?

No question the Buggles had it right: Video Killed the Radio Star. When television emerged as the dominant broadcast medium in the 1950s,the radio guys were fighting with one arm tied behind their back.You need a hell of a voice to enrapture people when they are being seduced by super charismatic people working full screen video with bright smiles and perfectly timed hair flicks.

But mobile video? With its smaller screen and distracted audience? Can mobile video take down the Kardashians, Jeremy Clarkson and Yang Mi?

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  1. So will mobile kill the video star? Judging by the current wave of innovation and new commissioning models, a disruptive new interactive mobile video star could be just around the corner. But all we can be sure of is change; the writing is on the walled garden. Consumers are pushing the future agenda of TV via their mobiles, and it remains to be seen which broadcasters and tech companies will keep up.

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