Oh, Microsoft…



Really, if you wonder why people get frustrated and stop using your services, consider how often you discontinue them.  As a company you are showing the attention span of a gnat amped up on Jolt cola.

First it was Live Sync turning into Windows Live Mesh and now SkyDrive.  Really?   Take a look at this Wikipedia entry and the opening line says it all.  And this all happened in about 5 years?

Windows Live Mesh (formerly known as Live MeshWindows Live Sync, and Windows Live FolderShare)[2] was a free-to-use Internet-based file synchronization application by Microsoft designed to allow files and folders between two or more computers be in sync with each other on Windows (Vista and later) and Mac OS X (v. 10.5 Leopard and later, Intel processors only) computers or the Web via SkyDrive.[3] Windows Live Mesh also enabled remote desktop access via the Internet.

Windows Live Mesh was part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite of software. However this application has been replaced by SkyDrive for Windows application in Windows Essentials 2011


I love entrepreneurship and being able to build and launch new services, but I’d swear I heard somewhere that brands require continuity and stability…


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