Richard Jenkins + Donkey

Will it get indexed?

Yes – Google never ceases to amaze.  20 minutes after creation … 2nd after Digg in organic search.

Will it get traffic?

Yes – 19 views faster then anything else on this blog in … 20 minutes.

Will it get people engaged?

Nope – doubtfully here.  First movers win and this NYU Lawyer blogger was up first.  Put up when it showed in the US and number 2 on Google (still a day later, until I put up mine, apologies) and 22 comments and counting.  Including mine which proves I didn’t come up with the idea. And others after which proves the idea isn’t dead.  Amazing.

What am I talking about?

Jon Stewart talked about googling “Richard Jenkins + Donkey” on his show this evening.  And of course I did.  As did others.  But then again I live in the UK so I was a day late.   And I DVR’d it so I was 10 minutes behind the UK live broadcast.  But when I saw the lawyer’s blog I couldn’t resist the test.  And it is still fun.

What does it prove?

Nothing drives traffic like good tv.

And sorry I couldn’t come up with a more rewarding set of images.

Check out Six Feet Under – great show if you haven’t seen it.

4 Replies to “Richard Jenkins + Donkey”

  1. So the end result?

    72 views — all in 2 days

    Peak – 56 views on the 25 Feb

    No Comments but this one

    And over at Provisionally Titled – the NYU Lawyer’s site – 30 comments including someone who linked back to this site. Classic.

    And all because Jon Stewart told us not to!

  2. And then it happens again —

    a week later, another 32 view spike — yes this blog has no traffic — and almost all to this post. I have to bury it in new writing to see how long the Jon Stewart effect can last.

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