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Making the “Agency of the Future”

If it sounds cliche, it probably is.  Ironically it is also exactly what our clients are asking for and even using it as the name of the initiative as they look for new approaches to marketing.

At Mirum we’ve been working on stepping back from the talk and doing the hard work around the systems and tools that can really allow people to work differently and deliver a better product.

At Dreamforce, SF Society Magazine posted some of my thoughts on how Salesforce can support agencies.

The challenge every company faces is how to be different, and how to be better.

For marketing agencies, this is doubly difficult. Our biggest asset is our people, and while we invest heavily in culture, people routinely move between agencies. They move because they can be productive quickly, and they can be productive because, despite all of the branding we put on our methodologies, what we do and how we do it is pretty commoditized.

And no one wants to be competing as a commodity.

We also have the challenge of client expectations. Moore’s Law has set the bar high.  Every business is under pressure to make its product twice as good every 18 months, and to sell it at the same price.

Can we really expect our creative director to be twice as creative every 18 months?

Read more:  https://www.mirumagency.com/en/news/creating-the-agency-of-the-future 

The Salesforce marketing team also created this video:

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